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Our practice was started in 1952 by Dr. Harry Barrer on North Fifth Street in Reading. As the practice grew, he moved to Sixth Street. Following this move, he was asked by his alma mater, Columbia University, to teach in their orthodontic department.

In 1967, he met Dr. Warne White, an orthodontic student at Columbia University, who in 1969 joined him in practice. At this time, Dr. Barrer left Columbia University when he and Dr. White were asked to join the faculty at the University of Pennsylvania. The new practice continued to grow, and the newly named Barrer & White Orthodontists Ltd. moved to their present location in 1971.

Along with local plastic surgeons, our doctors were instrumental in beginning The Cleft Palate Clinic at the Reading Hospital helping many patients over the years. This Clinic closed in 2015 and patients can now travel to Lancaster for their follow-ups.

Dr. Barrer’s son, James, joined the practice in 1984. He graduated from Bucknell University, the University of Pennsylvania Dental School, and University of Pennsylvania Graduate Orthodontic Program. When Dr. Jim joined the practice, plans were underway to enlarge the office at 311 Penn Avenue to its present size.

Four years later, Dr. Douglas White continued the Barrer and White family tradition by joining the growing practice. He is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh, the University of Pennsylvania Dental School, and the University of Pennsylvania Graduate Orthodontic Program. Prior to returning to the University of Pennsylvania Graduate Orthodontic Program, both Dr. Jim and Dr. Doug completed a year of residency in general dentistry at Community General Hospital.

Dr. Harry Barrer passed away in 1988, but his traditions of caring, teaching, and excellence in orthodontics lives on.

March 2011 marked the retirement of Dr. Warne White. Dr. White cared for patients, creating beautiful smiles for over 40 years. He is missed by patients and staff.

Dr. Jim and Dr. Doug continue the long family tradition of teaching residents at the University of Pennsylvania Orthodontic Department. As of 2015, Dr. Jim no longer travels to the University but remains an active member of the Penn orthodontic family.